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Phenomenal Machines

Cognition emerges from many different types of agents as part of a stream of interaction and sensation. Architect and design theorist Nicole Koltick and Design Futures Lab have set up a compositional experiment allowing a robotic arm, mineral crystals, and an interactive landscape to co-evolve, mutually producing an ecological space of their own, away from human incursion.

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Nicole Koltick

Drexel University, Philadelphia

Nicole Koltick is an assistant professor in the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design at Drexel University, Philadelphia. She is Founding Director of the Design Futures Lab at Westphal College, which is currently pursuing design research to stimulate debate on the potential implications of emerging technological and scientific developments within society. Koltick’s practice spans art, science, technology, design, and philosophy, and current work focuses on the philosophical, material, and relational implications of aesthetics as they intersect with emerging developments in computational creativity, artificially intelligent autonomous systems, robotics, and synthetic biological hybrids.