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Forthcoming Dossiers

Spring 2017

Land and Sea This dossier is an exploration of how humans are and have been using natural partitions as territorial interfaces of organization, utilizing their forms and mimicking them in artificial environments through coast- and landform alteration, global material logistics, and technical apparatuses so as to become technologies of passage. Creolized Technologies Creolized technologies are technologies that go through transformations and inversions, which make their standard forms and use more applicable to a local set of particularities. The dossier looks at how these local particularities and relations resonate as echo-mondes in the evolving and lasting use of creolized technologies beyond simple hacks or temporary fixes. Human Toying with the notions traditionally used to define human species exceptionalism and fate (Homo: sapiens, faber, ludens, economicus), the dossier will pursue the muddling effects of the technosphere on these categories. It thereby reflects back on how the technosphere serves as an arena where concepts about the human converge, diverge, and evolve well beyond the intentions that motivated them. Risk Equipment Risk equipment is the way in which we plan for contingency. From financial tools to scenario modeling to concrete landscaping, the planning apparatuses explored in this dossier attempt to stabilize the unstable through projecting information in anticipation of future risks.