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Traumasphere, Thinking through Commodity Violence

Littered ground: decaying leaves, cigarette butts, dislocated feathers. Unnoticed detritus pushed by each passing wheel further into the macadam, further from the notice of any passerby who may — many will, after all — fall also under the tread of the tire like so much extruding yellow paint. Ethnographer S. Løchlann Jain poetically examines how commodities and violence sustain one another in the technosphere.

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S. Løchlann Jain

Stanford University Humanities Center

Dr. S. Løchlann Jain Is associate professor of Anthropology at the Stanford Humanities Center. Jain completed a PhD in the History of Consciousness Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Post-Doc at the University of British Columbia. Jain is the author of the widely reviewed book Injury: The Politics of Product Design and Safety Law in the United States. Jain's most recent book, Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us, was published in 2013 and offers an analysis of cancer as an all-encompassing aspect of American culture. Malignant was awarded the Victor Turner Prize for Ethnographic Writing and the Diana Forsythe Prize.