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Sound and Pain

One cardinal source of the trauma induced by the technosphere is sonic: the ubiquity of anthropophonic vibrations passing through our environments. Social scientist and artist Josh Berson tells his story of being caught by the pervasiveness of human-generated sounds, forever beholden to a tinnitus of life emanating from our remaking of the Earth’s resonator.

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Josh Berson

Hubbub / Max Planck Intitute for Human Cogntive and Brain Science

Josh Berson is a social scientist and artist whose work looks at how beliefs, tastes, and survival strategies take form and how humans and other living things shape their environment to support new forms of life. He leads the computational social science strand at the Wellcome-funded major collaborative research initiative Hubbub and is visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. His 2015 book Computable Bodies won the 2016 PROSE Award in Language and Linguistics. Current research themes include meat, physical discipline, and sound.