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Technosphere and Technoecology

In his coining of the term technosphere, geoscientist Peter Haff attempts to describe the physical properties of a human-technological system that takes on a role equivalent to the biosphere or hydrosphere. In this conversation with media philosopher Erich Hörl, Haff discusses the finer points of this concept while they both attempt to locate ethical and philosophical questions that emerge from it.

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Peter K. Haff

Duke University, North Carolina

Dr. Peter K. Haff is professor emeritus of Geology in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, North Carolina. His research focuses on the physical properties of the technosphere (human networks, human capital and technology) that do not depend on the details of their components. These non-anthropocentric perspectives make it possible to re-adjust the view of our position in the world as humans by focusing attention from one individual human purpose toward the co-determinations that bind us to the technosphere.